Jalandhar Visa Consultans

Immigration consultants in Jalandhar are professional advisers who help people relocate overseas by ensuring they meet all the necessary visa requirements. They provide comprehensive legal assistance to help people navigate the complex immigration system as well as make the best possible case for their visa application.

ACS Immigration is a well-respected student study visa consultant based in India. We help students get placed with top-notch universities in Canada, Australia, the U.K, New Zealand, and the USA. In the past ten years, we have successfully stamped 1000+ visas.


We provide various services

We partner with high-quality institutions in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and many other countries.

  • Study Visa Consultant

  • Abroad Visa Consultant

  • Foreign Language Consultant

  • ILETS, Speoken English, etc

Programs Available

If you’re looking to select the right program for your educational background, ACS Immigration has a range of programs that can help you. Without any delay, take guidance from the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar. Check out the programs lists mentioned below:

Post Diploma

Studying abroad can provide you with excellent opportunities to enroll in outstanding post-diploma programs and enhance your career prospects.


Proper knowledge is key for any student wanting to pursue an undergraduate program. This first step is essential for any postsecondary program.

Post Graduate

After completing their graduate degree, students can pursue postgraduate studies by easily connecting with us, the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Eligibility Criteria



Students must take admitted to the identified educational institution. The student should not have any type of illegal record. Have a proper police certification. There should be adequate funds to pay education fees as well as living costs. Have medical exam information to confirm that they are physically healthy.



Must be above 18 years of age. International students are capable to work on-campus 20 hours / per week. For open-campus jobs then it requires some type of written documentation. You should really possess permitted status as well as be truly enrolled as a student. You have a good English speaking ability score.



The applicant must be at least 16 years of age and able to pay the course fee in full. They should also show a valid offer letter from a well-known institution as proof of their English language proficiency.



Students need to receive an offer letter to confirm their enrollment. The offer letter should contain the CoE codes for the planned period of stay. Adequate funds to cover tuition fees must be available. For all postgraduate students, a letter from a relevant academic verifying that they are enrolled in the same course.


New Zealand

Admission into a well-renowned institution is not the only requirement for studying abroad. You should have a strong score on the English proficiency test. You have adequate funds to support your studies. You will need to present valid proof of your intent to return to your home country after completing your course.


How Does ACS Help You?

ACS Immigration is one of the oldest and best Jalandhar Visa Consultants. The institution is one such shining platform where you will get the chance to receive structured guidance magnificently. Whether it’s visa filling as well as documentation. You will surely be guided by professionals in every step so that you can convert your dreams of studying in your desired country into a huge reality. ACS Immigration scores are high on the list of top study visa consultants. Click Here for more details about Jalandhar Visa Consultants and also get in touch with us on Facebook.