best immigration consultants for australia

Best Immigration Consultants for Australia

ACS Immigration is the best immigration consultant of Australia study visa consultants Australia is one of the largest countries in the word and one of the best to study abroad in if you're interested!  The country has a bustling, trendy culture, plenty of opportunities and excellent weather. As well as being relatively close by transport links. It's great for those looking to experience a North American lifestyle without moving across the world in total.

The Australian culture is cosmopolitan in nature. The population living in Australia consists of people from diverse cultural and national backgrounds who have settled there. Despite Australia not having an official language. The most commonly spoken language by the are Australians is English.

As it name suggests, the continent of Australia is a true landmass where the prevailing weather conditions are mild and temperate. The weather system on Australia’s interiors is natural and independent due to the sheer size of the Australian continent. Australia has the third largest number of International students after USA and UK, making it a serious contender in the International education arena.

Flexible degree programs as well as short term industry relevant programs are available. Australian Education is recognized globally with some universities ranked in the top 100 Universities in the world.


Immigration Consultant for Australia

In Australia, tourism is a leading contributor to employment. So if you’re looking for work, consider applying in the hospitality sector. Apart from this, mining and manufacturing are other top contributors of jobs.
Australia has emerged as one of the most favorable destination to study and live because of the high standard of education.


Having a job in Australia can be a very fulfilling experience. There is no shortage of great businesses willing to offer you employment opportunities in some of the best-paid industries as well as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Tourism and agriculture are two areas that provide plenty of jobs to eager applicants, but it’s worth noting that manufacturing and telecommunications also employ a lot of people.

The Simplified Student Visa Framework Explained (SSVF)

  • Australia’s Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) came into effect on July 1st, 2016. 
  • International Students will apply for a single student visa (Subclass 500), regardless of their chosen course of study.
  • The SSVF is designed to make the process of applying for a student visa. 
  • All students and student guardians will generally be required to lodge their visa applications online by creating an account in the immigration account.
  • Combined country and provider immigration risk model.
  • The combined immigration risk outcomes of the student’s education provider and country of citizenship are used to guide the level of financial and English language capacity-related documentation that the student needs to provide with their student visa application.
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Education System

The Australian Education system is different from that of many other countries. Better yet, it can be organized into five parts: The upper secondary school certificate, vocational education and training, technical schools, the tertiary degree, and higher Education.

Admission Intakes

There are two intakes in Australia, both in February and July with some universities offering multiple intakes year-round. Australia Offers A Diverse Range Of Study Options For International Students, With More Than 1,100 Institutions And 22,000 Courses To Choose From.

How To Get Admission

Select Course as well as Institute/University. Then apply for admission with the necessary documents. Accept letter of offer. Pay initial tuition fees. Receive CoE (Confirmation Of Enrollment).


SVP: Fund & IELTS Only Show To College / University (Offline Process: Submit Hard Copies Of Documents To VFS)

SSVF: Fund & IELTS Show To College/University And Embassy Both (Online Process: Create Immiaccount & Apply For Visa)