Best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is a city that is known for its best visa consultants for the study visa. Hundreds of thousands of people from Jalandhar city are NRIs and have satisfied the services of one or the other immigration consultant based in Jalandhar at some period. If you also think about going abroad country on a student visa or maybe with Permanent residence immigration, then you need to consult the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar.


ACS is an immigration consultant firm in Jalandhar that helps students realize their immigration dreams to countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. We believe that studying abroad is the best way to immigrate as it gives students a better understanding of the country’s culture, work opportunities, as well as laws. Additionally, most countries give preference to candidates who have completed their education in the country they are applying to immigrate to.

We provide complete support and counseling on Student Visas, Dependent Visas, as well as IELTS training. Our team of passionate immigration consultants are dedicated to providing the best guidance to prospective students who wish to study abroad and enhance their skills in a particular field.

Visa Intakes

The Immigration Intake is a federally mandated process that requires every international student to report to Visa and Immigration Services (VIS) and have their immigration documents reviewed. The intake usually takes about an hour, during which the student’s immigration documents are checked for accuracy and completeness.


Canada Intakes

  • Fall Intake (September)
  • Winter intake (January)
  • Summer/Spring Intake (May)


New Zealand Intakes

  • Semester 1 (February to June)
  • Semester 2 (July to November)
  • Rolling Intake (Anytime during the year)


Australia Intakes

  • Fall Intake (August to December)
  • Spring Intake (January to April)
  • Summer Intake (May to August)


UK Intakes

  • January/February Intake June and September
  • September Intake February and May
  • April/May Intake January - February